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4 Benefits of Online Learning

The benefits of online learning have been known to professionals around the world for some time – but the popularity of eLearning has risen to a new level since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Just because your employees aren’t on site doesn’t mean training should be moved to the back burner on your list of priorities. In fact, for many employers, now is an opportune time to offer training that employees may have had trouble finding the time for in the past.

Among the benefits of online learning to you and your team members are:


As business evolves and customer needs continue to change, jobs and skillsets must go with the flow. Technology continues to set the pace for new roles, many of which didn’t even exist just a few year ago. You can empower your team members to keep up by offering training that is spot on to keep pace. The only requirement is an internet connection through a computer or mobile device.

  • Training modules can be scaled to roll out to as many, or as few, employees as you need – and they are available in multiple languages.
  • Do your employees face the challenge of caring for children at home during the pandemic or working around various family schedules? eLearning is tailor made for flexible lifestyles.

Engagement of Remote Workers

Gamification, videos and other interactive online content can greatly enhance employee engagement with and retention of information on topics including compliance procedures and the use of new software, to name just two. Materials and reference guides can be accessed on the go and as needed.

  • Online learning provides people with the ability to fail in a safe environment. A major drawback of instructor-led group training is that some individuals will avoid participating because of a fear of failure.
  • Some eLearning solutions allow employees from different departments, locations and time zones to contribute to larger company discussions, right within training modules.

Cost Savings

Online learning reduces total training time and results in better retention for most topics, ultimately contributing to higher productivity. Other related cost savings include lower fees for trainers, as well as training rooms, travel, materials and catering.

Better Documentation

Training documentation is more accurate and efficiently stored online when you utilize eLearning.

  • Certificates and other paperwork are provided online in printable format, and course completion recognition can easily be shared. Reference videos and course materials are also stored and can be viewed multiple times, and can be updated as needed so everyone has access to the most current content.
  • Employees and managers are provided with timely feedback – and you achieve training consistency and standardization. Once you create an online course, you know that all participants receive the same high-quality training, whereas not all instructors focus on the same materials or provide the same level of expertise.

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