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Family Friendly, Family Leave, & COVID-19… Where Do We Flex?

A Note from Gerry Pierce, CEO of HR Works

Research makes it abundantly clear that a company that desires to have a highly engaged workforce will foster an environment that allows for its employees to achieve a strong balance between work and family. Along these lines, most of the survey results I have reviewed over the years indicate that flexibility in scheduling is the #1 valued benefit an employer can provide, most times even more important to employees than affordable health insurance coverage or compensation.

Based on my experience with HR Works & Wegmans, I know this to be absolutely true. Our best and most productive employees should never be forced to choose between the needs of their loved ones and the needs of their customers. Each manager or supervisor knows they are responsible to make this a reality.

COVID-19 has created a whole new ball game as employees are faced with new personal challenges with their children’s school situations and family responsibilities, along with a workload that isn’t getting any smaller. Managers and supervisors are now trying to help their employees navigate these new challenges, while those in charge of company policies are rethinking each aspect of employee guidelines in this new normal.

 To those already at their maximum stress level, don’t try to face this alone. There are people working hard, including those of us at HR Works, to sift through all of this and provide tools to make your life easier. Just ask!

In the meantime, I highly recommend reading this blog post from our recent HR Focus newsletter, compiled and written by Kat Ferraro, along with help of Tee Nelson and Janine Corea from our HR Services practice group.


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