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Focus on Culture & Engagement to Give Your Company a Competitive Edge

Building a successful business all boils down to keeping your customers happy. This is your primary mission – and it starts within your organization, with the people who work for you each day – whether they’re back in the office or working remotely. Your employees are your most valuable customers and their engagement – or lack of it – is contagious.  

Build a Culture of Engagement

Employees who are dissatisfied at/with work lack energy and enthusiasm for your company and its mission. This inevitably reflects in their performance. It also colors what they may say about working for you, via word of mouth and on their social media platforms. 

The good news is: the opposite is also true. By building a culture of engagement, you can help ensure that the picture your employees paint – and the levels at which they perform – work to your company’s advantage. 

  • Provide a gratifying experience. This starts with the first point of contact and continues throughout your hire’s tenure at your company. It includes pre-onboarding: helping employees get to know their new company and team, giving them ample information regarding the expectations of their role, and listening to ensure that you’re meeting their expectations as well.
  • Offer robust onboarding. As reported by Inc., an alarming percentage of newly-hired employees wind up quitting within six months or less of being hired. But those who go through a well-structured onboarding program are 58 percent more likely to still be with their company after three years.
  • Get to know your employees. Learn not only employees’ names but also the names of their spouses/significant others, kids, and pets. Ask about their weekend or vacation. Celebrate their good times and be a sounding board when they need someone to listen.
  • Never stop communicating. Online and off, in whatever forums are most effective, be sure to keep the lines of two-way communication open throughout your organization. Practice and train others in active listening and other techniques to ensure that employees are truly being heard.
  • Reward and recognize. Make recognition and acknowledgment part of every day’s routine. Offer rewards that are appropriate and customized for each employee. 

… And Then Reap the Benefits

Employees who feel genuinely cared about at work and who see the value their work brings, are essential to helping your company meet its goals and objectives. High engagement pays off in several ways including:

  • Higher productivity: Research has shown that employees who are enthusiastic about their jobs are significantly more productive than those who consider their positions “just work” or who are unhappy.
  • An enhanced employer image: Your employees can be your best brand ambassadors. As noted by LinkedIn, on average, employees have ten times more social connections than a company’s brand page. This can work to your advantage in numerous ways, including referrals for future hires and building chatter around your latest innovations and developments.

How Can HR Works Help?

As you cultivate your culture of engagement, consider partnering with the HR Strategic Services Team at HR Works, Inc. With innovative tools, including our ADAPT Engagement Pathway (Assess, Discover, Analyze, Process, Trust) we can provide solutions customized for your unique business needs. Contact HR Works today to learn more. 

HR Works, headquartered in Upstate New York, is a human resource management outsourcing and consulting firm serving clients throughout the United States for over thirty years. HR Works provides scalable strategic human resource management and consulting services, including: affirmative action programs; benefits administration outsourcing; HRIS self-service technology; full-time, part-time and interim on-site HR managers; HR audits; legally reviewed employee handbooks and supervisor manuals; talent management and recruiting services; and training of managers and HR professionals.