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How a Learning Management System Can Have a Positive Impact on Employee Training and Growth

When it comes to providing the most effective training solutions for your employees and your business, you’ll find yourself at a disadvantage unless you’ve at least considered a learning management system (LMS). Especially in today’s new normal, with the number of remote workers growing by leaps and bounds, the advantages of an LMS are numerous and include scalability, security, flexible hosting options, quick access to learning analytics, mobile readiness and more.

A Drill Down on LMS Benefits

The right LMS enables you to meet training needs effectively, optimize employee engagement and productivity, retain top performers, and manage employment risks across your entire organization. Here’s a closer look at some of those benefits:

  • Organize your eLearning content in a single location. Instead of having content spread over multiple hard drives and devices, all your training material is housed in a single location, making it easier to access needed information and develop or update courses, as well as minimizing the risk of losing important data.  
  • Provide unlimited access to training materials. Even when employees are away from their workstations, they can easily log in to an LMS via their smartphone or other mobile device. They can do this at any time, in any location or time zone.
  • Reduce cost. Using an LMS enables you to eliminate instructor costs, including salaries or fees and travel, as well as expenses associated with printed materials, room rentals, catering, employee travel, and related collateral items.
  • More easily track employee progress. Learning Management Systems offer reporting and analytics tools. In addition to real-time progress reports, they allow you to identify areas of courses or specific employee development that may be lacking – or where your program or your people excel.
  • Stay compliant. Compliance laws change on an ongoing basis. Updating traditional training courses to reflect these changes can be extremely time consuming. You can opt for an LMS vendor that maintains content for you, saving you valuable time and resources. In addition to the convenience factor, this could help your company avoid costly non-compliance penalties.
  • Integrate your company’s social learning experiences. Some LMS solutions allow companies to blend social learning into your overall training strategy. Since an LMS is already online, you can include links to Facebook and Twitter pages, LinkedIn groups, and other collaborative platforms. You can also market your eLearning courses on social media to attract more learners.

HR Works’ Learning Management System makes the delivery of company-wide training easier and more effective for you, providing a customized approach to answer all your mandated and other training goals. Contact us today to learn more about our LMS and specific topics offered.

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