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New York State Releases Final Guidance on Sexual Harassment Policy and Training Requirements

The final guidance for the New York State sexual harassment prevention policy and training requirements, which go into effect October 9, 2018, have been released!

Some of the key requirements that have been revised are as follows:

  • All employees are required to receive sexual harassment training between October 9, 2018 – October 9, 2019, then annually thereafter (proposed regulations required employees to be trained by January 1, 2019);
  •  Newly hired employees should receive the training as soon as possible (proposed regulations required new hires to be trained within 30 calendars days of their hire date); and
  • Non-New York State employees who work a portion of their time in New York State are required to receive sexual harassment training (proposed regulations required employees who worked one day or more in New York are required to received sexual harassment training).

New York State’s revised sexual harassment website, Combating Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, can be found by clicking here

How HR Works Can Help

HR Works should be your go to resource to assist you in meeting the New York State Sexual Harassment Requirements.

HR Works’ Virtual HR Helpline clients will receive the compliant sample sexual harassment policy and complaint form before the October 9, 2018 effective date.

HR Works will also be offering both on-site and web-based sexual harassment training. Please contact HR Works, Inc. at (585) 381-8340 or for additional information.

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