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Open Enrollment is just around the corner. Start planning for it NOW!

Open Enrollment is an annual opportunity for employees to add, drop, or change the benefits they receive through their employer.   This can be a hectic and confusing time for both employees and employers.    To ensure a smooth open enrollment process, employers should have an action plan.   A checklist is always a great tool to use to keep organized.   The following are some questions to ask as Open Enrollment planning checklists and timelines are established:

  • Have benefit plan changes and premiums/rates been confirmed with brokers and carriers?
  • Have Open Enrollment dates been established?
  • Are employee meetings and communication sessions planned/scheduled?
          –  Will HR or a broker conduct these sessions?
  • Are there any significant benefit changes that would require additional employee communications such as a new High Deductible Medical Plan?
  • Are benefits enrollment and HRIS systems updated and ready prior to Open Enrollment dates?
  • Have all compliance requirements been met (employee notices, ACA planning, etc.)?
  • Are there COBRA enrollees that will need to be communicated with regarding the special enrollment rights during Open Enrollment?
  • Does HR have resources in place to answer employee questions throughout the OE period?
  • Are vendor timelines for processing enrollments and issuing new ID cards known?

A mapped-out plan will help to keep an otherwise hectic time of year easier to manage and add value for employees as they are making their benefit decisions for the upcoming year. 

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