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Promote Your Employer Brand to Attract and Retain Employees

A brand is a clear, recognizable mark that sets a product or service apart and gives it its own, unique identity. Today’s world is teeming with such markers. In the face of all the clutter, how can you make your employer brand stand out in a way that immediately attracts top talent – and keeps them around once they’re in the door?

Your Employer Brand Defined

In essence, your employer brand is your company’s reputation from the perspective of a potential hire and your employees. It also describes the values your organization embraces and supports. Branding is the process of creating and maintaining a strong company image and your standing among job candidates and employees.

  • Your brand reflects your employee value proposition (EVP). This is the set of values you offer to your employees and use to attract new hires. Remember: As much as you target talent, talent targets you – so you need to position your company as their employer of choice.
  • Consider this scenario: You and your competition offer the same salary for a job. What can you do to draw desired talent your way? The answer is: Either raise the compensation level or focus on other, more desirable values that you alone can offer.
  • Your EVP answers the questions, “Why should I work for your company? What’s in it for me?” In addition to meeting salary needs, your EVP should address benefits, career stability and advancement opportunities, as well as job satisfaction and a culture that aligns candidates’ and employees’ goals with those of your organization.

How to Build Your Brand

Workforce trends are constantly in flux, so be ready to pivot and adjust with changing times as you build your winning employer brand.

  • Offer a strong work/life balance and a sense of purpose. Pre-Covid, top talent was already drawn to career opportunities that met these requirements. Now, they’ve taken on a whole new level of importance. A candidate’s or employee’s sense of purpose comes from finding satisfaction in doing a job they love. Share your current employees’ purpose stories via testimonials in your marketing literature and videos. It’s not so much what people do at your company, it’s why they do it. Convey this positive message and you’re well on the way to winning the talent war.
  • Your brand is the face of your company, and your current employees are your brand ambassadors. Use social media, word of mouth, and other opportunities to encourage team members to spread the good word about their employer. If you don’t already have an employee referral program, start one. Good, talented people want to work with other good, talented people. And if they’ve already established a relationship with a friend or colleague, that’s a huge advantage.
  • Don’t compare yourself with others. Build a brand that’s unique and true. Ensure that it speaks directly to candidates’ needs and show them why they should choose to work for you.

Your recruitment team members are the key players in creating a great employer brand. Be sure to find the right partner who can help you develop and optimize your brand strategy and deliver the best possible results.

The experienced professionals at HR Works can help – with customized solutions for all your branding and related human capital needs. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.

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