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Streamline Your Systems with Online HR Forms

As an HR professional, do you ever feel buried in paperwork? In fact, does it sometimes feel like your team doesn’t have time for much else?

For many, a large portion of their work week – two days, on average – is consumed by cumbersome tasks such as gathering, organizing and manually entering employee data into electronic systems. Not only is this work draining, but actual human interactions like engaging and developing your workforce are pushed to the back burner.

Get Your Time Back

Recent studies have shown that only 13 percent of employees worldwide feel fully engaged with their organizations. By moving toward a paperless HR department, you can streamline your systems and processes to bring engagement initiatives back to the forefront. As added benefits, you eliminate repetitive HR staff tasks and make for more consistent, effective communications with your employees.

  • Recruiting high-demand talent is your top priority. With an online job application, you can quickly gather resumes, cover letters and other information from any number of candidates with a single form. You also can receive electronic notifications every time a new application is submitted. And, with all information stored and organized in a single database, you cut out the hassle of keeping track of hard copies.
  • To ensure effective onboarding, you need to provide proper training early on in an employee’s tenure at your company. Online training programs can be just as effective as live sessions, in a fraction of the time. It can be very simple to get started. Use an online training tool, or have someone from your HR team record a training video and embed it in a quiz form for new hires.
  • Online performance assessments are easy to complete, and they help ensure that all reviews remain consistent across all functions. Plus, they make overall performance and engagement data more accessible to your HR team and senior management.

Give Your Employees a Voice

Online surveys enable you to easily gather and analyze employee feedback, making for truly effective two-way communications. Surveys can be sent to all team members at once, and each employee can complete and submit their input with just a few quick clicks or keyboard strokes. Your HR team can then simply review the submissions in a database and readily spot trends.

Additional Advantages to Online Forms

If better time management, successful recruiting and onboarding, on-target evaluations and improved communication aren’t reason enough, consider these additional benefits of online HR forms:

  • Improved compliance: You can collect employee signatures online for compliance forms and new hire documentation.
  • Better security: Protect such sensitive data as Social Security numbers and health records by using data and mail encryption, password protection and other methods to safeguard your forms.

A small sampling of HR forms that can be digitalized include those used for 360-degree feedback, accident investigations, candidate evaluation, discipline, discrimination and harassment issues, emergency information, grievances, and enrollment processes including health insurance, direct deposit, and other benefits.

As you work to improve your HR processes, including streamlining to eliminate tiresome paperwork, consider partnering with HR Works. We can get you started today on a customized solution unique to your company’s needs in 2019 and beyond.

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