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The Benefits of Having an HR Strategic Partner

You know what strategy means. You see the value of having the right business partner. And, you know how vital talent management is to the long-term vision of your company. So, how do you tie all these priorities together to help achieve desired outcomes and results, now and for the future?

For a growing number of employers, the answer lies in having an HR strategic partner: an experienced professional who works directly with your senior leadership to develop and implement your talent management strategy – and keep it in line with your organizational goals.

What’s In It For Your Company?

An HR strategic partner is a consultant who works not on daily management and administration, but on ensuring that the big picture around HR policies, procedures and practices is in lockstep with the needs and goals of your company. They serve as a value-added resource to:

  • Collaborate up to the C-suite level, defining and steering objectives related to HR and talent management.
  • Offer recommendations based on their extensive industry knowledge and market intelligence.
  • Participate in long-term planning conversations and solutions.
  • Understand all aspects of your business and how the right HR initiatives can benefit the organization and support achievement of desired goals.
  • Listen to challenges and ideas, help break down barriers, and offer solutions to move forward.

HR Strategic Services

Designed to be scalable to fit and grow with your company, HR Works’ HR Strategic Services team can work with you to customize the best solutions for your unique business needs. Our expert-level consultants become your partner for everything related to your people, from HR assessments and business plan development to career pathing, succession planning, performance management, culture and engagement, and more.

Where might an HR strategic partner fit in at your organization? 

  • For starters, they are not an HR manager. Your HR manager’s work continues to focus on implementing and enforcing policies and procedures, as well as overseeing the day-to-day HR management functions such as payroll processing, recruitment, hiring, and leave administration. The primary function of your HR strategic partner is to work with senior leadership and management to help develop, implement and communicate overall HR initiatives that support the organization’s overall strategy, as well as provide management and employee training to keep the workforce knowledgeable and engaged .
  • Your HR strategic partner collaborates with your HR department while consulting on talent issues and initiatives. The expertise they bring to the table enables them to drive innovation that positively impacts the entire organization.

For close to three decades, HR Works, Inc. has provided customizable talent management solutions to add value to businesses in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors, including Fortune 500 companies, municipalities, and small to mid-sized corporations. Contact us today to learn more about HR Strategic Services and our related talent management solutions.

HR Works, headquartered in Upstate New York, is a human resource management outsourcing and consulting firm serving clients throughout the United States for over thirty years. HR Works provides scalable strategic human resource management and consulting services, including: affirmative action programs; benefits administration outsourcing; HRIS self-service technology; full-time, part-time and interim on-site HR managers; HR audits; legally reviewed employee handbooks and supervisor manuals; talent management and recruiting services; and training of managers and HR professionals.