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Top 10 Talent Acquisition Mistakes Companies Are Making in 2022

As Senior Director of Talent Acquisition Services for HR Works, Adrienne Schleigh speaks with candidates and clients on a daily basis. In many recent conversations with fellow Talent Acquisition professionals in varying industries, a common theme continues to surface: companies are expecting miracles from Talent Acquisition staff while simultaneously refusing to make changes that can help them be successful. Even the most talented Talent Acquisition folks can’t be miracle workers.

To companies looking for guidance when they are having problems filling positions are, it’s time to think about what may need to be done to help make the company (and the roles) more attractive. Below is a list of top 10 mistakes Adrienne has seen companies making in the new normal for talent acquisition:

  1. Not allowing hybrid work when the position technically can allow for it. This is the #1 reason candidates are not considering opportunities these days.
  2. Not paying a competitive salary that is based on true market data. This was always an issue- but even more so now. Wages are increasing across the board. Time to evaluate your pay.
  3. Dragging out the interview process to include multiple interviews, overly-lengthy interviews, unrealistic interview requirements, etc. Time to use technology to streamline and simplify recruiting. It’s SO important to expedite- too! Keep in mind some companies are extending offers on the spot- for high level positions! If you wait a week to bring a good candidate in, you will very likely lose them.
  4. Not focusing on the overall branding and reputation of the company. Great pay means nothing if your company has a bad reputation with employees…
  5. Not having clearly defined job descriptions and functions prior to hiring. Candidates are hesitant to make a move in a pandemic. If you can’t clearly define a role, don’t expect to attract a great candidate.
  6. Having confusing reporting structures/multiple supervisors. This rarely works well for current employees, let alone when attempting to attract new ones.
  7. Having limited or costly benefits. I’ve had multiple clients’ candidates back out of a process because of costly benefits. It’s best to provide full benefits summaries very early on in the process, as they could be deal breakers and/or change a candidate’s compensation requirement.
  8. Not negotiating PTO. The days of 1-2 weeks for any position outside of entry level is gone.
  9. Not allowing remote work. Yes, I repeated myself…because this factor alone will prevent you from attracting a great employee.
  10. Not supporting the Talent Acquisition staff. TA is in high demand right now. If you are putting your TA staff in a position where they can’t be successful, you are risking their turnover.

HR Works helps clients find top quality candidates in all areas of HR, from HR generalists, specialists, and executive searches for senior level positions within their HR department. If your company is struggling with finding the right talent to fill your open positions, contact us today.

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