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Why Continuous Performance Management Matters in the Workplace

Compare continuous performance management to an analogy you may have heard about guided missile technology. In order to keep the missile on the correct route, data is gathered in real time and feedback issued allowing the missile to stay on course to reach its target. Imagine if instead all of the information was gathered and saved only to be presented when the missile was seconds from hitting the wrong target?

Don’t your employees deserve at least the same level of guidance?

Technology can make it easier to keep up with communication and ensure that your most productive employees are getting the attention they deserve. Unfortunately, it’s often the case that employees in need of remedial action can take up the bulk of your time. Setting up a continuous management plan can ensure that each employee has regular touchpoints. Sadly, workers who keep their heads down and do their jobs can go unnoticed by management. You may have no idea that they are unsatisfied with their jobs until the day they give notice.

There are number of technology options available that can help.  Here are just a few:

  • Betterworks
    Track real-time conversations with employees with a program like Betterworks. This continuous performance management platform provides managers with tools to have an ongoing give-and-take with workers. This feedback can be quantified and analyzed to understand performance and identify opportunities for coaching.
  • Compass
    This program takes encourages continuous performance management through the use of confidential feedback and assessment tools. By analyzing the results, targeted coaching specific to the needs of the company and the individual are developed and delivered to the employee via email.
  • Culture Amp
    The goal of this platform is to build a data-driven, high-performance culture. It enables companies and individuals to set goals and track their progress toward those goals. It provides for continuous feedback, objective metrics and self-led professional development.
  • Perception
    Surveys are a useful tool for gathering data on employee engagement; however, reviewing and identifying trends from open-ended questions is often manual and time consuming. Perception uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze, quantify, and form unbiased conclusions that can help you create an actionable plan to address employee concerns.

These performance management tools and many other available technologies empower employers to keep workers engaged and make the most of their abilities. To learn more about why continuous performance management matters to your business, contact HR Works today. We are experts in helping companies source, hire, retain and develop top talent.

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