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Revisiting The Value of Reference Checks

It’s the point in the recruiting process that many Talent Acquisition Professionals see as more of a chore and less of a value-add when finalizing candidate selections; time to check references. Should a candidate be turned away solely due to a reference check? No, especially not in today’s market. That being said, there are a […]

2022 HR Compliance & Total Rewards Survey

HR Works has received questions from several of our clients looking to learn what changes employers are making to adapt to the current challenges within the areas of HR compliance, remote work, recruiting and retention, and offering competitive compensation and benefits in today’s labor market. As a result, our HR Strategic Services team has developed a survey […]

The Job Hopper Dilemma: Warranted or Outdated?

A common struggle among Talent Acquisition professionals is encountering candidates who have a history of job hopping. Seeing a candidate with 6+ jobs in a 10-year period is hard to overlook, and traditionally recruiters have viewed this as a failure in some way on the candidate’s part. Some may say that if you don’t stay […]

New Year, Possible New Federal Employment Laws & Regulations

COVID-19 workplace safety and health measures remain one of the dominate issues for federal agencies; but employers should also be aware of other measures that have been or are under consideration by federal agencies and how they may impact the legislative landscape throughout 2022. Insight about potential legislation in 2022 can be made based on […]

Top 10 Talent Acquisition Mistakes Companies Are Making in 2022

As Senior Director of Talent Acquisition Services for HR Works, Adrienne Schleigh speaks with candidates and clients on a daily basis. In many recent conversations with fellow Talent Acquisition professionals in varying industries, a common theme continues to surface: companies are expecting miracles from Talent Acquisition staff while simultaneously refusing to make changes that can […]

IRS Issues Updated Guidance on COBRA Emergency Relief & COBRA Premium Payments

COBRA subsidies under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) ended on September 30, 2021, but participants may still be eligible for COBRA related “emergency relief” which includes extended timeframes for electing COBRA and making premium payments. Recall that on March 1, 2020, “emergency relief” was established as a result of the “National Emergency” to help plans, participants […]