Compensation & Pay Equity Audit

With new state and federal laws related to compensation discrimination being passed, employers are facing more pressure than ever when it comes to compensation and pay equity.

Whether you’re evaluating pay equity to be proactive or to meet a legal requirement, conducting an audit of your current compensation structure can help you gain a better understanding of what changes you need to implement in order to ensure fair compensation throughout their organization and help mitigate risk.

Considerations for Employers

  • Have you developed a standardized compensation policy?
  • ​​​​Have you implemented processes to ensure compliance with all applicable state pay laws?
  • Are you offering competitive salaries to attract and retain top talent?
  • Have you developed the foundational elements of an effective compensation strategy?
    • Compliant job descriptions
    • FLSA Assessments
    • External salary benchmarking
    • Pay grade development
    • Conducting a pay gap analysis
    • Communication and training plan​​​​​​s
  • Are you a federal contractor, subcontractor, or financial institution required to meet the new obligations set forth by the OFCCP?

Compensation & Pay Equity Audit

HR Works provides a Compensation & Pay Equity Audit to help employers uncover the information needed to understand what action to take in order to ensure fair pay practices, maintain compliance, and remain competetive in the job market.

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