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With business all over the country faced with sending 100% of their workforce home, HR Works is here to offer resources to help guide you through this challenging time. We have provided some resources below with ideas on how to leverage your HR Technology to communicate with employees, and utilize technologies so your staff are able to work remotely during this time.


  • Post required notices on the home page or company policies section.
  • Post updated company handbook policies on the home page and/or have employees acknowledge electronically.
  • Create new Time Off Policies to communicate and track time taken towards federal and state leave policies.
  • Run reports to determine if your business meets the threshold for federal and/or state leave laws.
  • Run reports to identify who is eligible for the new federal and state emergency leave policies, and include pay rates, scheduled hours for the upcoming 14 days, average hours worked over the last six months for variable hour employees, and other data needed for forecasting and calculating payments.


  • If you are unable to update and process payroll, work with your payroll vendor/HR technology support to determine other options including calling in changes or running the previous payroll with the understanding that adjustments will be handled in the next payroll.
  • If employees typically come to a physical location to pick up paper checks, work with your payroll vendor/HR technology support to determine other options including having checks directly mailed to employee home addresses, issuing employees pay cards, or encouraging employees to move to direct deposit.
  • Create new hours/earnings codes to track employee payments towards federal and state leave policies. It is important to keep these separated from previous codes and also between the new federal and state policies. Work with your payroll vendor/HR technology support to ensure codes are created in a way to accurately calculate and track weekly and aggregate limits to avoid overpayments, ensure accurate reporting for separate policies for qualified tax credit opportunities.
  • With the recent CARES Act, employers can choose to defer payment of the employer share of the Social Security tax, beginning after the effective date of the CARES Act through December 31, 2020.  Work with your payroll vendor/HR technology support to learn how you can track what is owed and manage repayment over the next two years.
  • Manage pay/time off for employees that only work a partial day or week due to company closure or employee illness.
  • Manage reductions in employee pay rates and scheduled hours.  Create reports to assist with making these difficult decisions but also for updating these again in the future. Work with your payroll vendor/HR technology support for best practices around this.
  • Place temporary holds on employee voluntary benefit deductions, track missed/partial deductions. Work with your payroll vendor/HR technology support to understand how to compliantly manage repayment of these in the future.
  • Handle changes to or additional elections to 401k loans due to new limits and deferral options provided through the CARES Act.
  • Use a web-based time and attendance system to accurately time tracking for any staff that are continuing to work remotely. Non-exempt employees must be compensated for all time spent working, and so it is imperative to train employees to track all compensable time and avoid “off the clock” work.
  • Manage state specific exceptions to deferred/waived deductions of employee local or lived in/worked in taxes.  Work with your payroll vendor/HR technology support to understand how to compliantly manage repayment of these in the future.
  • Create new non taxable earnings codes or tracking of employer payments towards qualified student loans of an employee’s behalf.
  • Create and apply rate premiums, shift differentials, or hazard pay earnings codes to accommodate temporary policies for essential staff that will continue to work.
  • Create reports to gather data for determining best employer options available from the stimulus packages or for preparing PPP loan applications.


  • Remind employees of benefits like Employee Assistance programs (EAP) or telemedicine programs that may be helpful at a time like this and how to access those benefits.
  • Provide updates on company changes through portal postings and/or mobile app news alerts.
  • Create a communications hub with educational information on how employees can stay safe with links to articles and videos.
  • Manage shift/work schedule changes through a web-based time and attendance system.  Provide visibility to employee and managers through the mobile app as well as the desktop portal.
  • Provides news on positive happenings with employees or creative ways to make the switch to working from home through updates to the portal home page.


  • Request employees review and update personal and emergency contact information through employee self-service.
  • Allow employees to change tax withholdings or 401k deductions through self-service.
  • Whether you are hiring now or will need to in the near future, candidates are becoming more skilled at online communications. Use this time to develop your online recruitment module to engage and attract future employees and streamline onboarding.
  • Online Training: Now is a great time for employees to log in to their Learning Management System (LMS) and complete important trainings, such as mandated harassment prevention training, safety training, and cybersecurity training. Current client administrators can log in here to monitor training completions and assign new trainings.
  • Other Resources: Tips for Managing Remote Workers

For more information, download our list of frequently asked questions.

HR Works is here to help

Our HR Technology team is standing by to answer your questions and offer guidance on using your HR Technology to manage through this crisis. Current clients are urged to reach out to their HR Technology Consultant with any questions.

If you are not currently an HR Works client and need our expertise and support, please contact or 1-877-219-9062. We will connect you with a representative who can provide additional information about our HR Technology services.