DC PFL Webinar – It’s Here. It’s Law. Now What?

This webinar will allow attendees to brush up on the basics of the law that took effect in 2020 and how to tackle the administrative challenges. In this presentation there will also be a review of pending legislation impacting the FFCRA and how it interacts in with other leave laws affecting Washington, DC employees.

The webinar will help attendees understand:

  • Basics of the DC PFL law,
  • Employer and employee eligibility rules and responsibilities,
  • Interaction and/or comparison with other leave laws (FMLA, FFCRA), and
  • What companies should consider doing.


Maureen Dempsey-Frazer
VP, Leave & Benefits Services Development

Maureen has more than 20 years of experience in the management of employee benefit programs.
A true champion for our clients and their employees, Maureen helps deliver comprehensive benefit solutions, while minimizing the administrative overload of managing benefits programs and reducing one of the highest cost centers today.

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