Employer Leave & Remote Work Survey 2021

Are you curious about how other companies have responded to changes in leave laws and remote work environment over the past year?

It is no secret that the past year has had a huge impact on both employers and employees with regard to leave laws and working remotely. We have been fielding a lot of questions and requests related to compliance, and our clients have been leaning on us heavily for guidance on how to navigate these challenges.

HR Works recently surveyed employers to collect information on what changes they are making given the current legislative landscape, relating to FMLA, Paid Family Leave, COVID-19 and other leave policies. The survey also gathered insights on how companies are approaching the remote work environment during and beyond the pandemic.

Download a copy of the survey report to:

  • learn more about what other companies are doing,
  • see how trends are affecting employers and employees, and
  • help you make future policy decisions as they relate to these issues.

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