Beyond Resolutions: Practical and Creative Recruitment Changes to Implement in 2024

With each new year comes both personal and professional resolutions that often result in unmet aspirations and unattainable goals.  With no indication that there will be changes in the tight labor market and the increased complexities of Gen Z and Millennials’ expectations in the workplace, employers who want to remain competitive in the talent war must take practical and comprehensive steps to update and improve their recruitment strategies.

In this session, we will discuss 4 practical changes to Recruitment practices that organizations should consider making in 2024.

Topics discussed include:

  • Redesigning and maximizing Talent Acquisition team members.
  • Developing an Employee Value Proposition that reflects the candidate pool, starting with a clear Branding Strategy.
  • Tapping into underutilized candidate pools.
  • Developing employee programs that stand out to potential candidates.


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Adrienne Schleigh
Senior Director, HR Strategic Placements
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Published 2/15/2024