Compliance Services

Mitigating risk with a proactive and practical approach.

When you partner with HR Works, you receive comprehensive and proactive compliance support that reduces your company’s risks.

  • Employee Handbook Services

    Effective employment policies and procedures are your company’s first line of defense if challenged by the Department of Labor or in court. When you work with HR Works, our experts ensure that your personalized employee handbook is legally correct and clearly communicates company standards and expectations. And the best news is that you have the option of receiving legal updates whenever state or federal laws change so your investment in the employee handbook is always current.

    Employee handbooks from HR Works are customized to define personnel-related policies, procedures, rules and benefits for your employees. You can rely on HR Works for legally reviewed policies that are clearly written and cover the full range of workforce management:

    • Recruitment and selection procedures
    • Company expectations of employees
    • Standards for success
    • Benefits offerings
    • Supervisor’s manual (optional)
  • Virtual HR Services

    Whether you need help validating an HR decision, understanding changes in employment regulations, researching a new benefit or managing employee relations, the Virtual HR Helpline is only a phone call or email away.

    As a client, you will receive:

    • Unlimited access to the Virtual HR Helpline
    • Legal updates and new policies to add to your Employee Handbook
    • Monthly HR Focus Compliance Newsletter with employment law updates and best practice recommendations
    • Legally reviewed forms, policies and other HR resources
    • Complimentary participation in all of our compliance training webinars
    • Subscription to the infiniteHR online client resource center, available 24/7
  • HR Compliance Audit Services

    When it comes to compliance, what you don’t know can hurt you. A HR compliance audit is an excellent way to discover compliance exposures and protect your business. HR Works will conduct an independent analysis of your organization’s personnel documentation, benefits administration, record keeping and human resources practices, auditing for state and federal compliance, efficiencies, and best practices.