We understand that Open Enrollment is a critical time for you.

The process of preparing and completing an annual enrollment can be overwhelming as you try to balance your day-to-day responsibilities. HR Works, Inc. is here to help! Below you will find helpful resources, tips and time savers to assist you in preparing for a successful Open Enrollment.

In addition to the resources available to you, you have been assigned an HR Works Consultant who will be there to support you through your Open Enrollment. If you have not yet spoken to your consultant, he or she will be contacting you shortly.

Workforce Now Resources

2021 Open Enrollment Newsletter

Year End Resources

‘Tis the season to be busy! We understand that year-end is a hectic time of year. Balancing open enrollment activities, submitting payroll entries that affect your W-2’s and/or 1099’s, and staying abreast of statutory changes for the New Year can be time consuming and overwhelming. To help you successfully navigate through year-end, we have compiled several resources, tips, and reminders into this newsletter.