Tips for a successful HRMS Technology Implementation

When implementing a new HR technology it is crucial that your system is set up properly in order to meet goals set by your organization.

A few key considerations:

  • Take time to understand your current pain points and ask how the new system and changes to your internal process can address these. 
  • Be leery of vendors who say you can be implemented and go live within 4-6 weeks.  This type of implementation does not allow you the opportunity to make the necessary changes to gain efficiencies and leads to a continuation of the same challenges you have today but on a new, unfamiliar platform. 
  • Allow time to take training, update processes, and review data prior to going live. We recommend two successful test runs in parallel with your current payroll to ensure the data, calculations, and processes are ready.

A great way to prepare before you go live, is by piloting the system. There is a lot to consider before doing a pilot program though. Download our free guide “The Power of a Pilot Program – Tips for a Successfull HRMS Implementation” for helpful tips and best practices to help you develop a pilot program.

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