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California Civil Rights Department Issues Updated Guidance on California Pay Data Reports 

The California Pay Data Reports for data covering the year 2023 are due on Wednesday, May 8, 2024. California law requires private employers of 100 or more employees and/or 100 or more workers hired through labor contractors to annually report pay, demographic, and other workforce data to the Civil Rights Department (CRD). This applies to both payroll employee reports and labor contractor employee reports.  

On February 1, 2024, the Civil Rights Department (CRD) updated its guidance on the reporting requirements; key highlights of the updated guidance include: 

  • Updated Guide and Templates. An updated User Guide and updated templates for Excel and .CSV files. The newest templates must be used. 
  • Reporting on Remote Workers. Employers must now report the work location type (remote, on-site, hybrid) for all employees, including those who primarily work remotely. The guidance also clarifies that hybrid workers are not considered remote employees. 
  • Demographics. Unlike last year, filers cannot label race or gender as “unknown” and are required to report race/ethnicity using (in this order) employment records, other reliable records, or observer perception. 
  • Labor Contractors. The CRD encourages collaboration between employers and labor contractors to ensure accurate data collection for the “labor contractor employee” report. 

Unlike last year, the CRD does not currently offer any indication of accepting deferral requests for either report type. 

Next Steps 

Employers should be prepared to gather and verify data, familiarize themselves with the updated guidance, and utilize the available resources from the CRD. 

How HR Works Can Help 

HR Works assists employers with California Pay Data Reporting, saving employers the administrative burden of completing the report in-house. To learn more about these services and how to leverage our compliance expertise and support, please contact us at or call 1-877-219-9062.  

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