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Colorado Updates Separation Unemployment Insurance Documentation Requirements

Colorado recently passed Senate Bill 22-234 (SB22-234), which updates the state unemployment insurance notice requirements at the time of an employee’s separation from employment. Prior to the passing of this legislation, the state did not provide a model notice/form  resulting in employers having to create their own notice and ensure it included the information required under Labor Code 7 CCR 1101-2. With the passing of this legislation, the state will also create a model form for employers to comply.

Employers have been required to provide the following information at separation:

  • A statement that unemployment insurance benefits are available to unemployed workers who meet the eligibility requirements under Colorado law;
  • Contact information to file a claim;
  • Information the worker will need to file a claim; and
  • Contact information to inquire about the status of their claim after it is filed.

With the passing of SB22-234, employers will now need to be mindful of the additional documentation requirements that the Colorado Department of Labor has set forth. Effective immediately, employers are now also required to also include the following information in their unemployment insurance separation notice:

  • The employee’s full name;
  • The employee’s home address;
  • The employee’s company identification number or last four digits of the employee’s social security number;
  • The employee’s start date;
  • The employee’s final day of employment;
  • The employee’s earning from year-to-date;
  • The wages for the final week that the employee worked; and
  • The reason for separation from employment.

SB22-234 also clarifies that employers can provide the separation notice either electronically or in writing. The employer is required to simply provide the information to all employees at the end of employment, regardless of the reason(s) for separation.

Next Steps for Employers

Until the state releases the model notice, employers will need to update their current unemployment insurance notice to include the additional information that is required by this legislation.

HR Works will continue to monitor this topic and provide updated information as it becomes available.

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