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District of Columbia’s Pay Transparency Law Takes Effect Soon 

As a reminder, the District of Columbia’s (DC) pay transparency law (B25-0194) takes effect on June 30, 2024. The law amends the existing Wage Transparency Act of 2014 and requires DC employers with at least one employee to post salary ranges for all job postings. The salary projections must be the minimum and maximum salary or hourly pay the employer “in good faith believes” it would pay for the role.  

In addition to wage range disclosure requirements, employers will be prohibited from asking job candidates about their past salaries or screening prospective employees based on wage history and are required to disclose the existence of healthcare benefits that employees may receive before the first interview.  

Employers will also be required to post a notice in their workplace notifying employees of their rights under this act. The notice shall be posted in a conspicuous place in at least one location where employees congregate. At the time of this post, a notice has not yet been made available by the District. 

Next Steps  

Before the effective date, employers should examine their compensation practices to ensure that wage ranges for open positions are in line with industry and market data for competitiveness and retention of employees. Employers will also need to review and update their job postings in addition to updating their employment applications, recruitment, and screening practices to ensure that no inquiries are made about prior salary history.  

It is recommended that employers train hiring managers and recruiters to ensure they do not inquire about prior salary history and that they properly respond to any questions or documentation related to wage information.  

Multistate employers should be mindful of any additional obligations they may have under various state-specific wage disclosure and salary history laws. 

How HR Works Can Help 

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