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E-Verify+ Announced 

On February 21, 2024, the release of E-Verify+ was announced. According to the press release, “E-Verify+ answers the call of the modern workplace by streamlining the Form I-9 and employment eligibility verification process into one seamless experience.” 

E-Verify+ aims to offer several improvements designed to make the employment eligibility verification process more efficient for employers compared to the traditional E-Verify system, including:  

Increased Automation and Streamlining 

  • Employee data entry. E-Verify+ allows employees to directly enter their information and documents, reducing manual data entry by employers, minimizing errors, and saving time.  
  • Case management: E-Verify+ consolidates all cases in one location, eliminating the need to manage them across multiple systems. 
  • Further Action Notices. E-Verify+ automatically sends “Further Action Notices” directly to employees in most cases, reducing the burden on employers to track and communicate these notices. 

Improved Accuracy and Reduced Errors 

  • Direct integration with Form I-9. E-Verify+ integrates with Form I-9, potentially reducing data entry errors that can lead to mismatched information and delays. 
  • Data pre-population. E-Verify+ pre-populates some data fields based on employee-entered information, further reducing human error and accelerating the verification process. 

Enhanced User Experience 

  • Simplified interface. E-Verify+ features a more user-friendly interface compared to the older system, making it easier for both employers and employees to navigate. 
  • Real-time updates. Provides employers with real-time case status updates, offering employers greater transparency and ease in tracking progress. 

Next Steps 

E-Verify+ is still under development and is scheduled to be available later this year. Once available, the service will be released as a pilot program and users will have the opportunity to give feedback.  

HR Works will continue to monitor this topic and share updates as they become available. 

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