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EEOC Issues Erroneous Failure to File EEO-1 Notices; Continues Accepting Reports

Many employers are receiving notifications from the EEOC indicating that they have yet to file their EEO-1 reports, which were due on May 17, 2022. HR Works has observed that while some of these notices are valid, in most cases they have been issued in error.

What to do if you receive an EEOC Violation Notice

If HR Works filed your EEO-1 Report(s):

Your Project Manager has sent you confirmation that your reports were certified as well as login information to view the report status directly in the EEO-1 filing system.

Please check your certification status in the system prior to contacting your Project Manager for additional assistance.

  • If your reports are certified in the system, you can disregard the notice.
  • If your reports are not certified in the system, please contact your Project Manager.

If you have not filed yet:

The EEOC recently announced that all filers who have not submitted and certified their mandatory 2021 EEO-1 Report, now have until June 21, 2022 to submit and certify their report(s).

If you would like HR Works to assist you in preparing and filing your reports, please contact us today.

Additional information and the filing portal can be accessed at

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