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Illinois Amends the Personnel Record Review Act 

Amendments to the Illinois Personnel Record Review Act (IPRRA) took effect on January 1, 2024. These changes aim to give employees greater transparency and access to their records. Key changes to the IPRRA include digital access and limitations on employers’ ability to charge exorbitant fees for providing employee personnel records. 

The IPRRA applies to employers with five or more employees (exclusive of the employer’s immediate family members). An “employee” under the Act is a person currently employed, subject to recall after a layoff, on leave of absence with a right to return, or a former employee who has terminated service within the preceding year. 

Key highlights of the amendments include but are not limited to: 

Electronic Access: The law previously required employers to mail personnel records only upon the employee demonstrating that they were unable to review them at the workplace. Now, employees will no longer be limited to in-person inspections of their records. Under the amended IPRRA, employees may request copies of their personnel records via email or mail. These options offer greater convenience and flexibility for both employees and employers.  

Costs and Fees: While employers may still charge a fee for copies, it must be limited to the actual cost of reproduction. 

Streamlined Request Process: The amended IPRRA allows employers to develop their request forms, but they must be readily available and easily understood by employees. 

Next Steps 

Employers should implement processes and procedures to comply with amendments, including handling digital requests, managing fees, and responding to employee inquiries for managing requests and ensuring timely responses. 

It is also recommended that employers inform employees about their rights to access their personnel records by including a policy in their employee handbook. 

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