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Massachusetts Releases New PFML Notices for Employers

The Massachusetts Department of Family and Medical Leave (DFML) recently published a new workplace poster, notifications, and new rate sheets for all employers in the state for 2023 regarding the Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) law. All Massachusetts employers (including employers with private or self-insured benefits plans) are required to distribute certain information to their employees under the PFML law.

Employers are required to provide the new 2023 PFML contribution rate sheets to current employees informing them of the new PFML contribution rate, PFML notification form, in paper or electronically, to new employees within thirty days of hire and provide new employees with an opportunity to accept or decline receipt. In addition, the updated 2023 workplace poster must be displayed in a location where it can be easily read by all employees. The poster must be displayed in English and any other language that is the primary language of five or more employees, if the translation is available. The DFML has published the poster in more than a dozen languages, including English and Spanish.

Next Steps for Employers

Massachusetts employers should ensure that they distribute the required updated notices and display the updated poster. Employers should also confirm with their payroll providers that the required PFML contribution amounts are deducted and capped appropriately.

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