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Notification of Construction Contract Award Portal

Federal construction contractors have a regulatory requirement to notify the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) of receipt of a contract to perform construction work in excess of $10,000. Historically this notification was handled via mail or email. On August 26, 2022, OFCCP launched its Notification of Construction Contract Award Portal (NCAP) to offer an online, consistent, and convenient method for notification.

NCAP should now be used by Federal construction contractors, Federal contracting officers, applicants for construction contracts, and nonconstruction contractors awarding construction subcontracts to submit the required contract information. Notice is required within 10 working days of awarding a construction subcontract of more than $10,000 at any tier for construction work performed under a federal or federally assisted construction contract.

OFCCP’s NCAP landing page offers how-to videos and a soon-to-be-released recording of a webinar in which OFCCP introduced NCAP to the public. The agency has also posted several FAQs pertaining to the new portal. 

Keep in mind that OFCCP explicitly uses these notifications to generate a list of eligible construction contractors and then schedule them for compliance evaluations. Covered employers not currently compliant with affirmative action regulations should take immediate action to become compliant. For assistance developing an affirmative action plan or understanding construction contractor affirmative action requirements, contact HR Works today.

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