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Reminder: New York’s Sexual Harassment Training Requirements Are Ongoing

Many employers may have breathed a sigh of relief after having completed sexual harassment training by the October 9th deadline; but, not so fast! Now that the deadline to train existing employees has passed, employers will need to keep in mind that all newly hired employees still need to be trained “as soon as possible” after their start date. This requirement creates an ongoing training requirement in addition to the annual training requirement. Employers must also provide a copy of their policy on harassment to new hires as part on their onboarding process and again, at the time of training, along with a copy of all training presentation materials.

Next Steps

Employers should understand that “as soon as possible” provides some flexibility but delaying training of new hires is not recommended as employers are liable for the actions of employees immediately upon hire. The potential for employer liability makes it imperative that employers are effectively communicating the Company’s commitment to a harassment-free work environment early on, and the best way to achieve this is with a strong policy and comprehensive training. To comply with these requirements, employers will need to develop a process for ensuring that all new hires receive the policy and are trained as soon as possible. Adding these items to your company’s new hire checklist is strongly recommended.

HR Works Can Help

HR Works offers an Employee Handbook Service which allows clients to work with a Compliance Specialist on the development of an employee handbook that complies with federal and state law, including the state’s requirement for a policy on sexual harassment.

HR Works also offers sexual harassment training which meet the state’s training requirements, including an online Learning Management System (LMS). Providing employees access to an LMS is a great way for employers to easily comply with these requirements. For additional information on the benefits of an LMS, contact HR Works today.

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