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Reminder on New York’s Updated Minimum Wage and Salary Levels 

On December 27, 2023, New York adopted the proposed updated minimum wage rates and salary levels for New York workers which took effect January 1, 2024, as follows:

Minimum Wage Increase 

  • $16 per hour (NYC, Long Island, and Westchester County) 
  • $15 per hour (remainder of New York State) 

Salary Level Increase for the Administrative and Executive Exemptions  

  • NYC, Long Island, and Westchester County  
    $1,200 per week ($62,400 per year)   
  • Remainder of the State  
    $1,124.20 per week ($58,458.40 per year)  

Notably, the salary level for professional and computer employee exemptions follows federal law. 

Additional Information 

The NY Department of Labor (DOL) has also published updated minimum wage posters and wage orders reflecting these increases. 

Next Steps for Employers 

Employers should have adjusted their payroll practices and procedures as of January 1, 2024, including increases to any impacted employee’s hourly wage or salary or reclassification of any exempt employees that no longer meet the minimum salary level to non-exempt. If an employee is reclassified as non-exempt, comply with the New York Wage Theft Prevention Act by providing an updated pay notice. 

Employers should also update their minimum wage poster and ensure it is posted in a prominent, accessible location in the workplace. In addition, state law requires employers to provide an electronic version of the poster by including it on the organization’s website, the intranet, or emailing it to employees. Employers must also provide employees with a notice that advises them of the electronic availability of the poster; it is recommended that this notice explain how/where to locate the electronic version of the poster. 

As a reminder, minimum wage rates also differ based on industry such as fast-food workers and home care aides. Additional information on the state’s minimum wage is available from the DOL.  

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