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The Minnesota Model Notice for Earned Sick and Safe Leave is Now Available

Employers covered by Minnesota’s Earned Sick and Safe Time Law must provide a notice of rights to all employees in English and an employee’s primary language by January 1, 2024, or when employment begins, whichever is later.  

The employer may provide notice by either: 

  1. Posting a copy where it can be readily observed and easily reviewed by all employees at each location where employees work; 
  2. Providing a paper or electronic copy to employees; or 
  3. Conspicuously posting in a web-based or app-based platform through which an employee performs work. 

In addition, an employer that provides an employee handbook must include a notice of rights in the handbook either by using the state’s model notice or developing an equivalent notice. 

Additional details of the leave law including covered employers, employee eligibility, and accrual amounts are available in this prior post from HR Works. 

Next Steps 

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry has created a uniform employee notice that employers can use. Employers may download a sample notice directly from the MNDOLI website. The notice is available in over a dozen languages.  

Employers may also access the MNDOLI’s frequently asked questions (FAQs), a model notice, and fact sheets in various languages by clicking here

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