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Updated DOL Model COBRA Notices

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) issued and posted on its website updated model general and election notices that group health plans may use to use to comply with COBRA notification requirements. The updates include explanations on how Medicare interacts with the group health plan continuation coverage requirements. A new section titled, “Can I enroll in Medicare instead of COBRA continuation coverage after my group health plan coverage ends?” has been added to the model notice. The updated explanation is intended to help qualified beneficiaries decide the best option between COBRA and Medicare.

Next Steps

Use of the DOL’s model notices is not mandatory but considered to be good-faith compliance with COBRA’s content requirements. Employers should review their current COBRA notices (including notices provided by a third-party COBRA administrator) to ensure the notices contain all the details provided in the DOL’s model notices.

HR Works Can Help

HR Works’ Benefits Administration Service helps employers with the administrative burden of COBRA. If you are not currently an HR Works Benefits Administration client and need our compliance expertise and support, please contact, go to the “Contact Us” section of our website or call 1-877-219-9062. We will connect you with a representative who can provide additional information about our services.

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