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Thinking About Switching HR Systems? Hold Off on Signing That Contract!

This situation is all too familiar: your company depends on an HR system for critical employment data and management of the employee lifecycle, but your current system just does not measure up to your needs and expectations. Despite a hefty prior financial investment and developing endless workarounds, you end up using only a fraction of […]

Manage These Top Open Enrollment Challenges Successfully

Few business owners or HR pros would argue that open enrollment isn’t one of the most challenging times of the year, even under normal circumstances. This year, COVID-19 has led to millions working from home, making it challenging to hold face-to-face meetings or town hall sessions to launch your annual benefits programs. But you can […]

Need Help Getting Your HRIS Ready for Open Enrollment?

Open enrollment season can be challenging, even more so if you’ve had to adjust to employees working remotely. According to a recent insurance industry survey, 72 percent of employees said they found benefit enrollment processes to be complicated and stressful – and you know it’s not easy for your HR or management team, either. Regardless […]

4 Ways You Can Use Your HRIS System to Manage, Pay and Communicate With Your Employees

Taking a cautious but optimistic approach, the country is starting to reopen this month in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. In New York and other states, ramping back up and allowing people to return to work is happening in phases to ensure health and safety and prevent a coronavirus reoccurrence. Never before has there […]

Breaking Down the Difference Between AI and Machine Learning and How it Might Impact HR

The terms Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are often used interchangeably, but that is not always the case. Machine learning is just one aspect of AI, a field that uses statistical analysis to help computer systems to “learn” without being specifically programed using algorithms. Artificial intelligence is the overall label applied to technology that […]

Understanding the Evolution of Technology, AI, and People Analytics in HR

Over the years, the use of data and automation has grown more prevalent in HR. Initially, HR technology was focused on gathering and storing data.  Metrics were often the result of manually compiling and interpreting the results. Reviewing performance data, salary history, and employee engagement surveys, we tried to understand who our high potential employees […]

Pennsylvania High Court: Businesses Must Safeguard Employee Data

Data security is a growing area of risk for today’s employers. A groundbreaking decision published last November by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court takes the importance of safeguarding your employees’ personal data to new heights – and its ramifications are likely to extend well beyond the boundaries of a single state. Dittman v. UPMC: The Background […]

Are You Ready to Replace Your Aging Payroll System? Contact HR Works!

Is one of the business decisions you need to make this year whether or not to upgrade your current payroll system? If so, you’re not alone. In an increasing number of companies, payroll systems are outdated and lack the capabilities needed to keep pace with changing business and compliance needs.  In a recent survey by […]

Streamline Your Systems with Online HR Forms

As an HR professional, do you ever feel buried in paperwork? In fact, does it sometimes feel like your team doesn’t have time for much else? For many, a large portion of their work week – two days, on average – is consumed by cumbersome tasks such as gathering, organizing and manually entering employee data […]

Using Technology to Speed Up the HR Process

While some people may argue that technology is taking the “human” out of human resources, the opposite is actually true. Leveraging the latest digital tools to manage your workforce can actually make the HR experience more human, by relieving you and your staff of time-consuming administrative tasks and freeing you up for more meaningful employee […]