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Beyond the Internship: Actions to Encourage Intern-to-Employee Conversion 

The recruitment period is over, decisions have been made, offers extended and accepted. Postings, resume reviews, phone screens, visits to campuses, participation in online interviews – you did it all, and now, the time is finally near, your intern is starting, and you are outlining their summer agenda.  Welcoming and hosting your summer intern is […]

Structured but Flexible: Developing Internship Programs for Gen Z

This summer, my colleagues Janine Corea and Adrienne Schleigh wrote blogs with a focus on the youngest work-eligible generation entering the workforce, Gen Z.  What is important to them in the workplace? As employers, how can we effectively engage this generation?  Several points addressing these topics came from a mini survey focused on Recruiting Gen […]

Beyond Retention: Engagement and Development Strategies for Gen Z

Last month my colleague, Janine Corea, provided some direct insight into what Gen Z workers are looking for in their job searches. In reviewing the data and research, it very broadly came down to compensation, growth and development, flexibility, and values alignment. As Janine pointed out, while there is no magic formula for ensuring long-term […]

Recruiting Strategies for Gen Z

As the mother of two recent college graduates and a hiring manager myself, I have had a lot of conversations over the past few months with respect to the recruiting process for the youngest generation entering the workforce. So, it got me thinking, “What exactly is Gen Z looking for as they get started in […]

Tips For Successful Hiring

Success in hiring is not primarily controlled by an organization’s recruiters.  Though recruiters can be wizards at attracting talented candidates to apply for an opportunity, what happens next can make or break the success of the search.  Now more than ever, candidates are paying keen attention to each and every interaction they have with a […]

HR Works’ Direct Placement Division 2022 Year In Review

HR Works’ Direct Placement Division is happy to report some key metrics and division updates from 2022.  Placement Statistics: Division Growth In 2022 we welcomed a new team member, Jennifer Durfee! Jennifer Durfee is a Talent Acquisition professional with 5 years of experience. Jennifer’s diverse recruiting background includes both in-house recruitment and executive placement; she […]

Is “Quiet Quitting” A Thing?

Many employers are scratching their heads trying to understand the “quiet quitting” phenomenon and how to address it. Senior Director of HR Strategic Placements at HR Works, Adrienne Schleigh, recently had the opportunity to sit in on a panel with other HR professionals and Even Dawson at WXXI Public Broadcasting Council to discuss the topic. Here are […]

Retaining Recruiters Beyond Talent Shortages

In the face of the great resignation over the past year many employers found themselves clamoring for recruiters, approaching a long-term problem (retention) with a short-term solution (hiring). Fast forward a few months and we’re seeing waves of layoffs affecting recruiters who were in many cases, hastily hired. How do these layoffs look to current […]

Revisiting The Value of Reference Checks

It’s the point in the recruiting process that many Talent Acquisition Professionals see as more of a chore and less of a value-add when finalizing candidate selections; time to check references. Should a candidate be turned away solely due to a reference check? No, especially not in today’s market. That being said, there are a […]

Recruiting Challenges: Overcoming The Optics of Consistent Position Turnover

As a follow up to the recent blog post about job hoppers, comes a topic that is often taken for granted by many employers: the optics of consistent position turnover. A position that has had significant turnover can be a red flag for candidates and guess what, in today’s market these candidates are absolutely asking […]