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Is “Quiet Quitting” A Thing?

Many employers are scratching their heads trying to understand the “quiet quitting” phenomenon and how to address it. Senior Director of HR Strategic Placements at HR Works, Adrienne Schleigh, recently had the opportunity to sit in on a panel with other HR professionals and Even Dawson at WXXI Public Broadcasting Council to discuss the topic. Here are […]

Retaining Recruiters Beyond Talent Shortages

In the face of the great resignation over the past year many employers found themselves clamoring for recruiters, approaching a long-term problem (retention) with a short-term solution (hiring). Fast forward a few months and we’re seeing waves of layoffs affecting recruiters who were in many cases, hastily hired. How do these layoffs look to current […]

Revisiting The Value of Reference Checks

It’s the point in the recruiting process that many Talent Acquisition Professionals see as more of a chore and less of a value-add when finalizing candidate selections; time to check references. Should a candidate be turned away solely due to a reference check? No, especially not in today’s market. That being said, there are a […]

Recruiting Challenges: Overcoming The Optics of Consistent Position Turnover

As a follow up to the recent blog post about job hoppers, comes a topic that is often taken for granted by many employers: the optics of consistent position turnover. A position that has had significant turnover can be a red flag for candidates and guess what, in today’s market these candidates are absolutely asking […]

The Job Hopper Dilemma: Warranted or Outdated?

A common struggle among Talent Acquisition professionals is encountering candidates who have a history of job hopping. Seeing a candidate with 6+ jobs in a 10-year period is hard to overlook, and traditionally recruiters have viewed this as a failure in some way on the candidate’s part. Some may say that if you don’t stay […]

Top 10 Talent Acquisition Mistakes Companies Are Making in 2022

As Senior Director of Talent Acquisition Services for HR Works, Adrienne Schleigh speaks with candidates and clients on a daily basis. In many recent conversations with fellow Talent Acquisition professionals in varying industries, a common theme continues to surface: companies are expecting miracles from Talent Acquisition staff while simultaneously refusing to make changes that can […]

Engage and Retain Top Talent with Stay Interviews

You’ve probably heard the business adage, “People don’t leave their companies. They leave their managers.” In his book It’s Your Ship, U.S. Navy Captain Michael D. Abrashoff notes that the underlying factors behind 80 percent of his sailors leaving as soon as their assignments were up supported this premise. How can you stop your company […]

Promote Your Employer Brand to Attract and Retain Employees

A brand is a clear, recognizable mark that sets a product or service apart and gives it its own, unique identity. Today’s world is teeming with such markers. In the face of all the clutter, how can you make your employer brand stand out in a way that immediately attracts top talent – and keeps […]

Do You Have an Effective Onboarding Process in Place?

Your new employees’  first days, weeks, and months on the job can make or break their long-term loyalty to your organization. To ensure your onboarding program is effective, ensure that your company has a strategic onboarding process fully integrates a new hire into the company’s culture and equips them with the information and tools they […]

What Are Employees Looking For?

New York’s job market is one that has seen unprecedented growth in the private sector, coupled with low unemployment.  Because of this, New York employers need to rethink how they can successfully attract and retain talent.  We’ve asked our Compliance team members for some input on what they think employers should consider when navigating this […]