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Below is a library of comments from clients who have trusted us with managing their human resource needs. To view customer testimonials, click on a service area.

“HR Works is so incredibly knowledgeable about the newest trends and about how they are being legislated. Their customer service, follow up and follow through are amazing. They are really more partners than service providers.

“Their advice has helped us tremendously in two ways: to achieve our goals of obtaining a diverse workforce and to fulfill our compliance requirements.”
HR Manager, Food Manufacturing Industry
“We have been very pleased with the service and support received from the staff at HR Works. They have consistently demonstrated an exceptional knowledge of the affirmative action planning process from the plan development stage through the OFCCP compliance review process. Their attention to detail is remarkable and their analysis of data is very thorough.

“HR Works’ employees always show a high degree of professionalism and great patience when collecting and synthesizing the data from our various complex systems. I look forward to continuing our working relationship with HR Works.”
Compliance and Metrics Manager, Manufacturing Industry
“When I first called HR Works, I was under deadline for filing my AAP, had received an audit notice, and was too busy to assemble the material on my own. HR Works shared my sense of urgency, educated me throughout the process, and made it their priority to ensure a successful audit. Had I not found HR Works, I might still be struggling to learn from a book on how to write an AAP. Instead, I can relax, knowing it’s getting done correctly.”
Human Resources Manager, Laboratory Services Industry
“We have outsourced our Affirmative Action Plan development to HR Works for several years because of their expertise in Affirmative Action Plan creation. This has been an efficient and cost-effective solution for us.

“They assist on all aspects—from advice on setting up systems, to gathering the information, to consulting with our HR team on the plan’s creation. HR Works also provides consultation on implementing proactive AA practices throughout the organization and keeps us apprised of the latest developments in related laws and regulations. We continually receive high levels of service, not just during plan development, but throughout the year. When we need AA advice and expertise, HR Works is only a phone call away.”
HR Operations & Project Manager, Financial Industry
“HR Works has proven to be an invaluable resource over the past five years. Just recently we received an audit letter from the OFCCP that somehow was overlooked, and we needed to move quickly. I called HR Works, and within hours we had everything we needed…

“HR Works’ employees are always willing to go above and beyond to provide top notch client service. They are so knowledgeable in affirmative action planning, and their approach is refreshing. We look forward to our continued relationship with HR Works.”
HR Director, Telecommunications Industry
“HR Works is always very helpful and reliable. I never have to worry about whether or not a COBRA notification went out on time.”
Benefits Administrator, Financial Industry
“HR Works handles the day-to-day administration for our employees and manages our annual open enrollment. They took all of the questions, concerns and problems off of our hands. This allows me to focus on strategic initiatives that further the mission of our organization.”
Director of Human Resources, Not-for-Profit
“The flexibility we get with HR Works is key. We don’t have the burden of having a dedicated benefits manager on payroll, and we can take care of HR and benefits management on an as-needed basis… Outsourcing to HR Works saves us between $10,000 and $20,000 a year.”
Finance Director and Head of Human Resources, Not-for-Profit
“We would not have wanted to convert to a new Human Capital Management System without HR Works in the mix. They have in-house experts that know the system and helped to shepherd us through the process.”
Senior Vice President, Financial Industry
“WFN has helped my company run more smoothly, from processing payroll and retrieving reports when needed, to Employee Access, where the employees can modify their benefits information, enter PTO time, and make changes to their personal information from their own desktops.”
HR Manager, Hi-Tech Industry
“We’ve found HR Works to be an invaluable resource… Their whole approach with us during the past 10 years has built confidence. We know the expertise and advice they offer can be trusted.”
Senior Vice President, Financial Industry
“Over the many years our practice has had your service, we have had nothing but excellent interaction. You have always provided stellar customer service as well as a calming knowledge base at times when we have had some challenging issues. I commend your company and would highly recommend your services to others.”
Practice Manager, Healthcare Industry
“Just one call to HR Works, and my questions are answered. Where else can I get that kind of high-level support when I most need it?”
Controller, Engineering/Architecture Industry
“We use HR Works’ Helpline on a regular basis and find it to be amazingly useful. The Helpline staff responds to our questions quickly and completely. They are willing to spend as much time as needed to get us the answers we’re looking for.

Most importantly, the professionals that staff the Helpline are so knowledgeable and responsive that you always feel like you are in good hands. The value we get from the Helpline is by far the best use of HR budget, and the return on investment that we receive is incredible.”
Senior Vice President, Retail Banking Industry
“With all of the liability that employers face – such as discrimination law and other labor issues – for the amount of money, you are crazy not to have the Helpline as a backup. HR Works is not going to steer you in the wrong direction.

Even if I have the right take on an issue, it’s great to have another pair of ears. Without HR Works, we would have to call our attorney for every issue, which would not be cost-effective. Helpline membership is a small price to pay for the extra peace of mind.”
HR Manager, Healthcare Industry
“I have a wonderful relationship with HR Works. Your employees are phenomenal!

If I have a question or need a second opinion on a decision, someone is always happy to assist me. Thank you all for your support and guidance!”
HR Manager, Hi-Tech Industry
“As the HR contact at a small company, the HR Helpline is beneficial because I can get immediate help and feedback for any situation. I have always received prompt and thorough explanations from the Helpline staff.”
Business and Administrative Manager, Manufacturing Industry
“We receive immediate and often critical HR support through the HR Helpline. Our Helpline consultant is not shy about researching a topic or issue, and she has a terrific team supporting her when research is required to solve a problem.

Our company chooses HR Works for offering an exceptional value, highly professional HR consultants, up-to-date compliance information, HR “best practice” policies and a true business partner. We operate in many states across the U.S., which requires us to keep current with all of the various state laws. We have confidence in the depth of professional support within HR Works to support our growing national business.”
Vice President of HR, IT Services Industry
“Developing a handbook, writing all the updates and staying on top of legislative and policy changes would be nearly impossible with our one-member HR Department. My company has saved hours and hours of time using HR Works for our handbook, which translates into real dollars.

Using HR Works for the handbook gives us peace of mind that the handbook is not only up-to-date, compliant and useful for our employees, but is of the highest quality.”
Senior Vice President, Retail Banking Industry
“HR Works’ recruiting expertise ensures that we as a company are well-organized in our staffing efforts. Our HR Works recruiter conducted a thorough screening process, which helped to minimize the time and money spent filling open positions.”
Business and Administrative Manager, Manufacturing Industry
“We had to do some hiring and literally did not have the time to go out and chase people. HR Works polished our job descriptions to make them more appealing, handled the prospecting to fill the pipeline and worked on the initial screening. We’ve used other tools like Monster.com or placing an ad, but found all that does is fill up your email. We’ve also used headhunters in the past, but found HR Works to be a much more efficient and cost effective solution.”
CEO, Financial Services Industry
“We had a big hiring need and wanted a better process for going through hundreds of applications. Our employees require a lot of training, so it’s very important we hire qualified candidates that are committed. HR Works helped us with the entire hiring process including coaching us on how to ask candidates the right questions and how to talk with potential employees. After sitting with us through a few of the interviews, we were able to conduct the interviews on our own, and it went very smoothly. We would definitely recommend HR Works to other businesses that want to streamline the hiring process.”
Labor Superintendent, Environmental Services Industry
“HR Works has done a wonderful job. Their people are professional, customer-friendly, and very responsive to the needs of our company.”
Vice President of Strategic Staffing and Diversity, Manufacturing Industry
“HR Works has managed our Human Resource Department for more than 10 years. HR Works’ communication, support and resources are outstanding, and we continue to be impressed with the professionalism of their staff. Having HR Works on our side has not only saved our company money but also has allowed our senior management to focus on other responsibilities.”
President, Manufacturing Industry
“HR Works has a very strong reputation in the community, and we have been extraordinarily pleased with the level of skill, education and professionalism that all HR Works employees have demonstrated.”
CFO, Engineering/Architecture Industry
“I had the pleasure of working with an HR Works consultant for close to a year. His knowledge of the industry, New York Law and Employee Relations brought a lot of value to our organization.

Our consultant was a trusted partner with a great deal of insight into human nature and the uniqueness of each individual situation; yet had a consistent approach to the investigation and recommendation. He used his skills to not only resolve Employee Relations and HR Generalist issues but to mentor those in the organization with less expertise in these areas. I was beyond pleased with his performance.”
Corporate Employee Relations, Global Pharmaceutical Industry
“When we started operations in Rochester there were two of us. We both had a lot of experience managing people, but needed some help ‘lifting the load’ in terms of being compliant with the laws of New York State, finding and evaluating candidates and making sure we were all on the same page in terms of expectations, roles, etc.

HR Works had the depth and expertise to meet our needs. Rarely have I had my expectations met so thoroughly.”
President, Manufacturing Industry
“HR Works exceeded our organization’s expectations. Every participant in this training gave me positive feedback. They have used their training to help them manage day-to-day situations, and they speak of the training specifically during conversations. We will continue to rely on HR Works.”
Director of Human Resources, Manufacturing Industry
“I absolutely recommend HR Works’ training: It’s reasonably priced, well-tailored to our people, and gets the job done.”
President and CEO, Financial Industry
“HR Works’ training sessions are invaluable. The trainer’s approach made the environment very comfortable. I’m looking forward to future classes at HR Works, as well as encouraging my peers AND my boss to attend!”
Director of Operations, Design Industry
“Our HR Works trainer was early, well prepared, respectful and tactful. The training was conducted in a very professional manner despite the sensitive topic, and the information was well received by our employees.”
Business and Administrative Manager, Manufacturing Industry
“We worked with an HR Works staff member to develop a Harassment Training program. She was very in tune with our needs and wanted to tailor the training to our supervisors, rather than using a ‘one size fits all’ solution. She understood that we not only needed to train supervisors on the legal aspects of harassment, but also the real, day-to-day issues of employee coaching and counseling.

HR Works did a great job on the training, which was very well received by our staff. It was one of the best training experiences we’ve had.”
Senior Vice President, Retail Banking Industry
“I want to thank HR Works for providing us with the Management Academy training for our supervisors. I found it to be a very good training series. I also want to express that your trainer is an excellent facilitator and did a very nice job for us. We appreciate it.”
Director, HR and Organization Development