Today’s HCM Technology – Evaluating Vendors and Identifying the Best Fit For Your Business

Lost in the HR Technology Vendor selection process? Let us pave the way!

HR Technology is continuously evolving, making it an ongoing investment that requires significant time and attention. We can help you better understand why HR Technology changes and show you how to find a technology that meets your needs when it comes time to make the move.

Watch Our Webinar on HCM Technology Vendor Selection

HR Works walks you through the framework of HRIS vendor evaluations, teaches you how to avoid the top HR technology vendor selection pitfalls, and helps you make the best decision for your business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding current state of HR Technology
  • Identifying reasons for HCM Technology changes
  • Reviewing the typical vendor evaluation & selection project
  • Learning how to begin an HCM evaluation & selection
  • Identifying different HCM technology platforms based on business size
  • Learning how to avoid top HCM selection pitfalls
  • Understanding the framework of HCM evaluations
  • Reviewing the continuous HR Technology evolution and investment  cycle

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